Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Tips For Buying a Motorized Wheel Chair

With new advances in technology like the motorized wheel chair it allows people with disabilities that would normally stop them from being mobile and can make them into a very active and mobile person. However that will come at a cost so before you spend your money understand some of the features of a wheelchair that is motorized.

Costly Device

A typical price for owning your own motorized wheelchair will be in the region of five to thirty thousand dollars, this will largely depend on what customizations you will require on your motorized wheelchair. One bonus is that you can Medicare to pay the cost providing you meet certain criteria.

When you are buying the wheel chair that's motorized take into consideration safety as infirm and young children may have additional risks involved.

You must consider that the motorized wheel chair does not fold up, therefore you will need to have enough storage space to keep your wheelchair. You may also have to buy a van in order to transport your motorized vehicle around.

When you are using your motorized wheelchair you will need to wear your seat belt, you will also need to ensure your wheelchair has foot straps which needed to prevent your feet from slipping while the wheelchair is moving.

To summarize when buying a Medicare motorized wheel chair is one consideration that you will need look at, especially if you are unable to bear the cost of buying a new one. Other than that you will not find any issues when buying your motorized wheel chair if you follow simple guide lines.

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