Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Tips On Finding The Right Motorized Wheel Chair

People with limited mobility have more choices these days when it comes to wheelchairs. The advancement of the motorized wheel chair makes it easier than ever to get around. But motorized wheel chairs can be very expensive and you should know a little more about them before you order one. This article will give you some good basic information on motorized wheel chairs.

The prices for a motorized wheel chair can range from $5000 to $30000 depending on the level of customization. Medicare will pay for some people to have a motorized wheel chair if they meet certain criteria.

To meet this criteria, you must need assistance with basic daily activities such as bathing, dressing and going to the bathroom. You also must be unable to use a cane, walker or a manual wheel chair. If you are covered by a health insurance, check with them, because they may cover part of the cost of getting a motorized wheelchair.

The first thing you should learn about the wheel chairs is safety. Be very careful around young children or other elderly people. You should also be careful when using your wheel chair outside. Dirt or gravel can make your wheelchair unsteady and be especially careful if traveling across grassy areas. There may be holes or dips that you may not see. If you run into a hole, you can tip the wheelchair over and hurt yourself badly. It is very dangerous to try to use your chair on the snow or ice. This is not recommended.

Another thing that you should be aware of is that most motorized wheel chairs are not collapsible and therefore will not fit into your average car. You may need a van that is equipped to handle the motorized wheel chair. You can get a van equipped with a lift to help you become more independent with your motorized wheel chair.

A very important safety feature that should always be used is the seat belts. You should always wear your lap belt when using your wheelchair. The chair should come equipped with foot straps also to keep you feet from slipping off the foot rests while moving.

Depending on your level of disability, your motorized wheelchair may need customization. For example, if the user has no hand function and cannot use a joystick to control the chair, the chair will have to be customized so that the user will be able to use another part of the body to control the movement of the chair.

These are the basic things to consider when buying a motorized wheel chair. It is important that you do your research. Ask your doctor and physical therapist for their recommendations. There is no need to be confined by your limited mobility. A motorized wheel chair will give you the freedom that you have been waiting for.

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